Celebrating The Sacred Moments Of Our Lives


Why is there ritual, ceremony and celebration, and how does this affect us on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level? From the time I was a child blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, to holiday and family gatherings, I realized the joy and beauty that evolved from each special occasion. As I began my spiritual journey 35 years ago, it was then I started to examine different cultures around the world and explore how traditions are passed from generation to generation.

Creating ceremony or bringing forth your own traditions, can be the most enriching, empowering experience that you will ever have in your life!


Rev. Susan McIntire performs ceremonies with a purpose in mind. A sense of the sacred and the power of unconditional love is established in every ceremony that she does. Whether you choose a more traditional, or a non-traditional ceremony, Rev. Susan will customize it to meet your specific needs and request.

There are few occasions as important as a marriage ceremony. It is the most loving commitment of all. It is such a powerful and profound experience to witness two people standing before their friends and family to reveal and speak their innermost thoughts and feelings of the love that they hold for one another. What is of utmost importance is that the heartfelt emotions you bring to your ceremony be well reflected to yourselves and to your guests. As your wedding minister, I am here to support and guide you through every phase of your ceremony, and will customize it to reflect your needs, beliefs and values. It is my utmost desire that each couple completely own, embrace and embody their marriage vows and ceremony, and at the same time relax, have fun and bask in the joy of being so much in love!

Vow Renewals
However long you've been married, it is always a deeply, touching moment when a couple decides to reflect the bond that has held them together over the years. The new ceremony can be a duplicate of the original or something entirely new. You may want to consider a gift ritual and statement stating what you love about each other and what makes your relationship work. Rev. Susan can also help you create the dream wedding that circumstances did not allow the first time around. Either way, your desire to honor the past as you look forward to the future is the foundation for a very moving ceremony. You are stating to yourselves and to the world at large that you love each other so much, you would do it all over again....together.

Memorials and  End of Life Ceremonies
There are so many ways to create personalized and authentic end-of-life ceremonies. With compassion, sincerity and great care, Rev. Susan will meet with family members to gather details and stories about the life of the loved one who has passed on. She will formulate a soul sketch from the interview to be read in the eulogy and or be translated into a keepsake or obituary. She will meet with you reviewing the selected music, text, quotes, and poems. Additional services include a memory table displaying photos, flowers and precious keepsakes. Families also request a dove, butterfly or balloon release at the conclusion of the service. Whether the deceased is secular, religious, spiritual, interfaith, or simply unaffiliated, Rev. Susan can help to create a meaningful, memorable, fitting end of life tribute.


Baby Blessings
A baby is an expression of the Divine, a gift of hope and a blessed event. The delight in creating a ceremony that embraces, honors and accepts this precious soul into the world is a very special moment for family and friends and most especially parents. Baby blessings are increasing in popularity as parents are choosing to be creative in the use of what their religion and beliefs hold for them. How you choose to express your joy will reflect the hopes, dreams, and affections your new arrival has stirred within you and those who hold you dear.


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